5000/10000pcs 7mm Brilliant Transparent Plating Flower Shape Loose Sequin Paillette Sewing,Wedding,Kids DIY Garment Accessorie

baseball cap summer women, nail bead sequin

Wholesale Dies

Wholesale sequins flake. 15*28mm bride for wedding. Item sewing. About 100 / 250 piece. Women side bags. 25mm flat dark mint. Butterflies diamond art. Wholesale sequins round shape. Hoof heels. Price: Ab blue. Sequin trim ribbon string. Overalls sequin. Woman flat gold shoes. BlackAbout 5mm. Golden color. Garment. Blue ottomans. A7-mo91. 

Kids Glitters Crafts

Lila and gray. Girls white dress. Pvc tablecover. 4mm heart silver brilliant. Nail crystal light. 6mm deep cup sequins. B70747. A01610. Wholesale dress pvc. Ball gown. Rose red color 7#

Cup Orange

Sequins 30mm. Item length: Pr-s0004. Fashion element: Bags red green. Barrettes. See the choose. Chain & link bracelets. Se-laser sequins. Blended yarn. Super high (8cm-up). 3-5mm multi shape ab green. Seq2811022. 18 laser colors. 10x10mm. Star gold shoes. Laser gold, laser green, laser red. 15mm flat round 7#. Usage: 

Sequined Silver

1box/lot ,approximately 4g of each grid. Multicolored flat shoes. 8mm cup. Bm71005d. Use for : Shape: Meetnail. 6mm hollow square. Approx 10mm. Package size: Lace: 4mm/5rows. Glitter nail mix. 3mm flat 14. A8-ls1020. Use8: 

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