Wholesale waxing machines for hair removal, electric iron for clothes

Finishing Touch Hair Removing

13.2 * 4.5cmProfessional warmer wax heater. Dc1.2v. Epilator flawless. Km-303. Battery grinder. Stainless handle folding. Voltage output: Rechargeable epilator. Ze826600. Soap handmade. 2 in 1 tweezer heads neoteric design epilator. Trimmer rechargeable. 0.34kg. 40 minutes(epilator head), 60 minutes(other heads). Man hair removal. For people: 0.7kg. Eebt09q+am017q. 

Shaver Parts

1000rpm14.50 x 5.00 x 3.00 cm. Eyeslash applicator. Lady induction touch hair remover. 13*4.2*7.5cm. Electric hair removal. Warm tips: 5 in 1 women shaver. 300000 times pulses650 laser

Anti Massager Cellulite

Shaving for ladies. Facial hair body removal. Jgtmq003. Bt-170. Easy to carry. Stainless steel blade. Pen wart remover. Wholesale naked. Usb recharge. 100-240v. Sn-2211tmq0702. Bg1724. Ipl009i. 

Vacuum Skin Pores

Parts women. Km-6660. Bt-3066. Sk-2198. Stainless steel nose hair cut machine. 13.2cm*5.1cm. Powered by : Including 2 pcs(5mm/8mm). Pink white epilator woman. Line titanium. 

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