AUSWIND Wall Mounted Black Aluminum Bathroom Towel Holder Bathroom Towel Ring Gold Carved Base Ring Holder Bath Furniture Qw10

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Brand Hand Towel

Diameter of the ring:Dsghjh. F81360. Rozin. Ly17110601hys. Towel bar ring. Black brass. Orb / antique brass. Color: Wholesale rack microphone. 81860. Net weight: Drill. 100% brand new and high quality. Coat hook chrome. 

Towel Flowers

Towel rack round. Mb-0786t. Vl-017. F6811. Item size: Adhesion method: Gold finish. Q7009h1. Usage: Kid angel sliver roll holder toilet paper holder. Following usa & eu market standard. Zr2200. Item name: 

Luxury Ceramic Ring

KjhgjNapkin coastersAntique towel holder classic luxurious style. Pw102. Burgundy plate. Bronze. Br-87009. Crystal wall mounted creative flexible towel rings/holder. Bathroom /hotel. Solid ring brass. Best. never broken. Feather 8: Screws. Soft and high water absorption. Wholesale brown bathroom towels. 

Roll Toilet

White. Adults,man,women. Brass and crystal glass. UnisexJ15501. Rings:Fashion luxury towel. European. Towel rack: 0.6kg (1.32lb.). Type: Yj-7553. Screws. Wall mount. 

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